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IBD Certification: SoluBio ensures even more Quality for Sustainable Agriculture

The search for safe and sustainably produced food is a growing global concern. In this context, agricultural input certification plays a crucial role. The IBD Approved Input Certification is an important tool to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products.

What is IBD Certification

IBD Certification is a program developed by IBD Certifications, a Brazilian inspection and certification company. With the aim of ensuring the quality, safety, and traceability of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, agricultural pesticides, seeds, and bioinputs, the certification was created, where inputs must meet rigorous requirements related to human and environmental health safety, quality, effectiveness, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Importance of IBD Certification

Playing a crucial role in protecting human and environmental health, certification provides reliable information to producers and consumers, allowing them to make informed decisions about agricultural products they use or consume in organic farming. Additionally, certification promotes compliance with international standards and opens up market opportunities in countries beyond Brazil, such as Canada, the European Union, Japan, and the United States.

Advantages of IBD Certification

1. Quality Assurance

The IBD Approved Input Certification ensures that certified agricultural products meet rigorous standards for organic farming. This means that farmers can trust that they are using inputs that have undergone thorough evaluations, providing greater peace of mind regarding the effectiveness of these products in their agricultural practices.

2. Risk Reduction

Certified products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they do not contain harmful substances and are safe for humans and ecosystems, thus reducing the potential negative impact on health and the environment.

3. Improved Productivity

Many certified products, including those from SoluBio, are designed to increase agricultural productivity. For example, certified biofertilizers and biostimulants can improve plant growth, increase crop yields, and promote soil health. This results in more efficient agricultural production and can translate into bountiful harvests.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Certification also ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This is crucial, especially in a complex regulatory environment like the agricultural sector, where non-compliance can result in penalties and loss of consumer trust.

SoluBio and IBD Certification

Committed to sustainable agriculture, SoluBio aims to provide more sustainable and cost-effective alternatives for rural activities, globally democratizing OnFarm Biological Management and delivering highly efficient solutions in all aspects to producers in Brazil and worldwide. Therefore, obtaining certification for its products is at the core of the company's mission and values.

Which SoluBio products are certified

SoluBio underwent a new audit on September 6, where it maintained 8 of its certificates and added 2 more products to the IBD certification, totaling 10 approved biological inputs. The list includes:

1. Bio AZ

2. Bio Green

3. Bio ND

4. Bio Raiz Pro

5. Bio RT

6. Tec Finish

7. Tec Mint

8. Tec White

9. Trikofit

10. Trikosoil

SoluBio's certified products stand out for offering innovation and high quality. For example, Bio RT is an inoculant composed of a pure culture of bacteria, an excellent source of carbon, nitrogen, and minerals, while Tec Mint is a biological insecticide with proven agronomic efficiency in Brachiaria grass and soybean pastures, applicable to any organic crop with the biological target occurrence. These products not only improve productivity but are also safe for human health and the environment, making them a smart choice for farmers committed to sustainability.

Ensuring quality: today and always

With its 10 products certified by IBD, SoluBio is increasingly committed to sustainable and organic agriculture, demonstrating its commitment to quality. The certification is valid beyond national territory, also covering countries such as Canada, the European Union, Japan, and the United States. These certified products not only meet the highest standards but also offer real benefits to agricultural producers.

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