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Ethics Line/Reporting Channel

You can rely on this communication channel to express doubts, make suggestions for improvement and share information about any improper conduct that you are aware of, as well as procedures that are at odds with the company's guidelines and rules or with current legislation. Your concerns can be expressed by filling out this Ombudsman, Ethics and Conduct form. Information may be sent anonymously.
Solubio ensures that it will invest its best efforts and all the precautions at its disposal to process the shared information and guarantees the right to non-retaliation.


Important warning: our Compliance team will look into the report. For this, we need your support to provide information about the date of the event (if it is a period, please let us know), the context in which the situation occurred (field, factory, online), those involved, any witnesses to the event, and any other information as it may help the Compliance team to verify the report.

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