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Ambassadors in Brazil: SoluBio is a Pioneer and Stands Out in OnFarm Bioinputs Production

In the current global scenario, the pursuit of more sustainable and ecologically responsible agricultural practices has become a priority. In this context, the city of Jataí, located in Southwest Goiás, recently hosted representatives from eleven embassies in a visit that highlighted the advances in sustainable practices in the agricultural sector of the state of Goiás. The visit to Solubio's headquarters, a pioneering company in bioinput production, marked an important moment to showcase how Brazil is on the path to sustainability in agriculture.

Bioinputs: A Step Toward Sustainability

On August 10th, representatives from the embassies of the European Union, Israel, Austria, Germany, India, Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Burkina Faso, and Azerbaijan were invited by the Government of Goiás, through the State Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply (Seapa), to participate in a field day on bioinputs. This event not only demonstrated the state's initiative in promoting sustainable practices but also emphasized the importance of knowledge exchange among nations.

The focal point of the visit was Solubio, a reference in OnFarm bioinputs production, known for its modern biological input factory in Jataí and its commitment to scientific research and ecologically responsible practices.

"There is a global movement towards the need for sustainability... So, we've always sought to strike a balance of sustainability in the tripod, which is economic, social, and environmental," commented Alber Guedes, founder of SoluBio, in an interview with Rádio Difusora.

SoluBio has played a crucial role in changing the paradigm of Brazilian agriculture. With a scientific team comprising 30 PhDs and five post-docs, the company is dedicated to democratizing OnFarm Biological Management, an innovative approach that promotes the use of bioinputs directly on the farm.

Innovative Legislation: State Bioinput Program

One of the highlights of the visit was the State Bioinput Program, established through Law No. 21,005, aimed at boosting the adoption of sustainable practices in the agricultural sector. Goiás became a pioneer in this regard, serving as an inspiration to other Brazilian states. The legislation reflects the state's commitment to supporting the evolution of agriculture through the promotion of bioinputs and sustainable production systems.

The visit made headlines in various news portals, and Alber Guedes, founder of Solubio, shared his inspiring vision regarding the relationship between agriculture and sustainability.

"Often, Brazilian producers are labeled as individuals who do not protect the environment, who do not care about sustainability, who do not address environmental concerns, and quite the contrary, Brazil is an example to the world, and we had the opportunity to show these ambassadors that Brazil is indeed like this, that Brazilian producers are the ones who do protect, who care a lot. There is no other country in the world with as much environmental protection as Brazil has."

The embassies' visit to Solubio in Jataí represents a significant step in promoting sustainable agricultural practices and global awareness of Brazil's efforts in this direction. Alber adds:

"Either we grow as a team or we die as individuals, so we will only be able to grow when everyone pulls the rope in the same direction, everyone looks at the same horizon, and everyone works for the same purposes."

Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

With Solubio's visionary leadership and the support of the State Bioinput Program, Goiás is paving the way for a future in which agriculture and sustainability go hand in hand.

SoluBio's commitment, along with the international collaboration evident from the embassy visits, reminds us that the pursuit of a healthier environment and responsible food production is a shared journey for all.

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