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Our culture 
through stories

The Troupe of Microorganisms

Microorganisms came to life in SoluBio's culture and help to multiply the values, attitudes, conduct, ethics and concepts in a playful and educational way.

We believe in companies and people thatchallenge all day, who see opportunities for improvement at all times and in all places. It is in this spirit that theSoluBiers Squadronis present in the routine of our team. 

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The characters

Âncora 1
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He always has the right quote for every moment. Brad is a great friend and is always looking to motivate his class using all the knowledge he has gained.

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With her calm and cheerful manner, Nyon tries to get to know the culture manual more and more, listening carefully to what each of her friends has to teach her.

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No one knows the Culture Handbook as well as Amylo! Intelligent and dedicated, he knows that it is not enough to have knowledge, it is necessary to pass it on.

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Curious and a lot of fun, Megan is always looking for a creative way to find answers to her questions.

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Optimistic and proactive, Tillis is always ready to grow and help his team go further, towards new achievements.

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She's not just a pretty face! Empowered and intelligent, Marsha is always available to share her knowledge with her friends.

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There is no bad time for him! Intelligent and dedicated, Carlos knows that it is necessary to be aware of opportunities and focused on established goals.


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Communicative and charismatic, Nice is proud of the friends she made at work and her vast network of contacts that only grows with each passing day.

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With her determined way of being, Dora is not one to leave anything for later! For her, what really matters is always doing the right thing right!

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Dr. Álvaro

Experienced and passionate about what he does, Dr. Álvaro is always ready to share his knowledge about the multiplication of microorganisms and about the Culture Manual.

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Smart and very versatile, Tricha comes with everything to improve the productivity and growth of different cultures.

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Oliver is charismatic and knowledgeable, a benchmark for his Culture Keeper friends!


"I am happy to see the engagement of the group with the Solubiers Squadron, they came to align the culture and examples that SoluBio has brought to the market since its inception and this will take us much further."


Alber Guedes


"SoluBio's Culture strengthening program aims to strengthen the company's values through clear, focused and playful language.


Welcome Squadron Solubiers, guardians of culture!"


Luiz Andre Bacelo

head of people

"It's really amazing to participate in this project! Creating charismatic characters, with specific characteristics and capable of transmitting the entire context of SoluBio's cultural values and practices is as challenging as it is inspiring."

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Rafael Louza

Illustrator and creator of SoluBiers Squadron

Tirinhas e HQ

Check the comics

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Learn more about the values that the SoluBiers Squadron believes in:

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