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SoluBio Committed to the SheLeads 2030 Movement: Gender Parity in Leadership

In an ever-evolving world, gender equity emerges as a moral and economic imperative. The opportunities, talents, and potentials of women need to be unleashed for society to truly thrive. It is with this vision that SoluBio has committed to the SheLeads 2030 Movement, a powerful and ambitious initiative to accelerate the presence of women in senior leadership roles.

The Challenge of Gender Inequality

Undeniable data and studies show that reducing gender inequalities is a smart investment. Increasing women's participation in the workforce, especially in leadership positions, is not just a matter of justice but also a driver of economic growth. According to estimates, closing the gender gap could add an incredible $5.8 trillion to the global economy by 2025, with an increase of up to 3.3% in the Brazilian GDP.

However, the reality is alarming: if nothing is done quickly, we will face a wait of 257 years to address the issue of gender inequality. This is why SoluBio has decided to take a bold and inspiring step by committing to the SheLeads 2030 Movement.

The SheLeads 2030 Movement: Towards Gender Parity in Leadership

The SheLeads 2030 Movement is an initiative led by the Brazil Network of the Global Compact in collaboration with UN Women and other partner institutions. The goal is clear and ambitious: to achieve a 30% presence of women in senior leadership positions by 2025 and aim for a 50% representation by 2030.

This movement underscores the importance of concrete goals and monitoring progress as powerful means to drive companies towards gender equality and equity.

SoluBio's Commitment to Gender Parity: We're Already at 30%

SoluBio recognizes the crucial role it plays in building a more equal and just future. The company has embraced the mission of the SheLeads 2030 Movement by signing the Commitment Charter. This means that SoluBio is committed to working tirelessly to maintain the already achieved goal of 30% women in senior leadership positions.

Currently, at SoluBio, we proudly have 30% female representation in our senior leadership. This achievement is not only a testament to our commitment but also a significant step towards creating an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Monitoring and Long-lasting Impact

By joining the SheLeads 2030 Movement, SoluBio commits to sharing its progress in meeting these goals with the Global Compact. Monitoring will be conducted annually through indicators selected by the 2030 Observatory. This commitment not only holds the company accountable but also contributes to a lasting impact on society and business.

A More Equal and Brighter Future

SoluBio has embraced the challenge of leading the change towards gender parity in leadership. By joining the SheLeads 2030 Movement, the company not only positions itself as an advocate for equality but also as an inspiring example for other organizations. With bold goals and unwavering commitment, SoluBio is building a more equal future where the potential of all individuals can truly be unleashed, benefiting not only the company but society as a whole. Join us on this journey of transformation and building a better world for all.

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